Medical Grade Skincare vs High Street Skincare


When considering a skincare routine there are many deciding factors. These include cost and brand.

Have you ever watched a TV advert for skincare or googled the best skincare products ? Chances are you have and google has returned thousands of results or you will have heard this phrase " 98% of women agree" 

This means a high street brand has given out free samples of their skincare products alongside a survey. This is because testing their products in the lab is both time consuming and expensive.

The question is would you be honest regarding a product given to you for free? 

Medical grade skincare differs from high street as it contains more active ingredients that are guaranteed to work for your skin because it is tested in labs and scientifically proven.

You may also be discouraged from purchasing medical grade skincare due to cost but ask yourself this question why is it cheap ? 

We all love a bargain but when you are constantly purchasing new skin products in search for a product that resolves your skin concerns are you actually saving money or wasting money and turning your bathroom into something that resembles your local Boots store ?

Because medical grade products contain more active ingredients you actually require less product for your morning and night skincare routine meaning you actually save money. 

Our medical grade skincare range offers the best of both worlds, it is formulated using natural plant extracts so it is vegan friendly and cruelty free but also very affordable.

Skin needs to turnover it's cells in order to restore itself and remove impurities otherwise it ends up congested and you may notice enlarged pores and black heads. Your skin will also look very dull.

The lady shown in the photographs swopped her skincare for medical grade and just look at the difference in her skin. The mums in the school ground cannot believe she is 50 years old. Her skin is brighter and more luminous by using our refresh routine. 

We also added some injectables to restore lost volume in the mid face due to ageing.

Our skincare range has EGF technology ( Epidermal Growth factors) this means you regenerate and grow new skin faster which slows down the ageing process.

Damaged skin cells are repaired resulting in a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Our medical grade skincare is very affordable and competitive in price alongside our high street competitors such as Clinique, Charlotte Tilbury, Boots No 7 or L'Oreal.


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