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Pregnancy Manifestation Guide by BabyBrains3

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Lets exchange some energy !

Available to purchase and download instantly is my 5 page guide with manifesting techniques I used personally to manifest money and my pregnancy.

I had struggled with infertility for over 10 years and was denied funding for IVF treatment because my husband had a child already. The IVF postcode lottery is unfair and discriminatory.  Sharing my story publicly is one of the most scariest things I have done in my life but it breaks my heart the thought of anyone suffering in silence if I can help at least one person survive the emotional rollercoaster that is IVF I'm happy and grateful.

I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with my little girl in which I conceived with IVF funding. I will also be creating a guide with the step by step process of how I was able to get funding for my IVF cycle alongside my template letter that I sent to my local commissioning group which resulted in my IVF funding so please look out for it. It may not help everybody but hopefully strength in numbers will help put an end to the inequality.

One of the reasons I'm making these guides available is to manifest abundance during my maternity leave.

Sending a ton of baby dust 


Lauren xx